About Us

Pragati Green Resorts is a one-of-its-kind resort in the country – it is a man-made eco-village developed on barren land creating a natural habitat. The environment here is completely eco-friendly, abundantly bio-diverse, pollution-free and mosquito-free. It makes for the most welcoming destination for recreation, event and health in the lap of nature.

Having converted a non-useable land into a wonderful green belt on 2,500 acres of land without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers, we have been attracting rare species and contributing to biodiversity. Situated amidst 2.5 million mother plants and trees, the Resort is an 85 acre sprawl of greenery till the end of sight. It is an ideal retreat for the aware, creative and playful nature-lover.

While you could spend a vacation plucking aromatic herbs for your tea and swimming in the pool with birds singing around, your whole family and group will be able to find their own interests. The resort property houses everything from cricket fields, golf course and naturopathy spa to ponds filled with ducks and lovely sculptures and fountains every few metres.

Pragati Group

The Pragati Group is a Hyderabad-based group of companies with initiatives in the hospitality, realty, steel, herbal products, herbs and plants, dairy and naturopathy sectors, and a focus on being green and bringing the good of ancient India to meet the modern living.

We at The Pragati Group take life as an eternal blessing. Being born as humans is a responsibility. Holding a vision of better future ahead, we are on a mission to prove role models in protecting Mother Earth and living in harmony with Nature for as long as possible – one small piece of land at a time.

In our quest, we have dug deep into the ancient Indian methods – only to re-discover that they are the most ecologically correct ones. We also kept in mind the greatly improved quality of the modern times. Taking ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ to its closest realisation today, we have combined ancient and modern seamlessly and created localised eco-systems where you could live in complete harmony with nature – through natural practices along with most of the advantages of this day.

The Pragati Group welcomes you all to come and live this heavenly experience.

Our Story

Our Story …is an inspiring one, as many have told us. The founder of the Pragati Group, Mr G B K Rao, had already been around the globe by the early 90s, mostly for work. He had worked with established groups and was exposed to the latest technology. But, having grown up in an agricultural family, he always wished to return to his roots. His understanding of the ecological balance, flora and fauna and unadulterated, pure farm living combined with his technical expertise and update always put him in a fix. The sight of modernity messing with the ecosystems was disheartening. Numbing as it was, he knew that something had to be done about it. And he soon decided to take up the responsibility upon himself, all thanks to the support and encouragement of his better half and co-founder of the group, Mrs G V Kumari.

They set out to convert 250 acres of barren land into one of the most bio-diverse, productive, conducive for all forms of life and self sustainable, green haven. This is where Pragati Green Resorts, Pragati Eco-village, Sparsh – the naturopathy spa, a Nursery of over 850 species of plants and a Goshala, having around 60 well-bred cows and many other cattle, stand today. Not to mention our many water bodies and our own water treatment plant, enveloped in a natural, mosquito-free and pollution-free environment.

What started out as a humble step of philanthropy has turned into a role-model not only for the country, but for the whole world.